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David Charman

David began operating earthmoving equipment when he was 12 years old on farms near his home. He was first officially employed in the earthmoving industry at age 18 by Collis Bros Earthmoving as a bulldozer operator. After being in the industry for 36 years and after a failed partnership in another company he decided to start his own business.

In September 1990 he started a company with his wife Glenda and they operated as D & GM Charman Earthmoving P/L.

The company began with only one Caterpillar Bulldozer. David operated this machine himself and undertook small jobs such as house sites, dams and clearing works.

As the reputation of David’s work grew, so did the company. More machines were purchased and operators were hired so that the company could carry out works on a larger scale.

David also purchased prime movers and low loaders so that the company could expand into the heavy haulage industry.

In May 2002 he formed another company called Charman Earthmoving and Heavy Haulage Pty Ltd.

David currently sources all of the work for this company and oversees all projects that are undertaken. He also occasionally operates equipment when required.